Social Security Online The Social Security Administration has gone high-tech.

As of January 5, 2013, a new, upgraded service is available. If you previously had an account with the Social Security Administration, you must change your password. The new system is called My Social Security. The neat thing about the site is that you do not have to receive Social Security benefits to utilize it. Here is a breakdown of what’s available on the site:

Recipients of Social Security can use the site to obtain:

1) a copy of your benefit verification letter
2) your benefit and payment information and your earnings record
3) change of address and phone number forms – online access
4) forms – online access to start or change direct deposit of your benefit payment.

Non-recipients of Social Security can obtain:

1) estimates of your retirement, disability, and survivor benefits
2) a record of your earnings
3) estimates of the Social Security and Medicare taxes that you’ve paid to date.

So there’s something for everybody! The website to access this trove of information is: If you’re a third party, like an attorney, social service provider, or a friend or relative that is trying to help someone handle his or her affairs, you can learn more about the whole process at In this way, you will be giving sound advice without having the hassle of calling or going to your local Social Security office. What’s more – it’s a great time saver! If you try it, I think you’ll like it! (Information about the My Social Security Online from


Thanks to the Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm in Arlington VA for this note.

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