Clueless About Social Security?

When I reached my “full retirement age” – 66 in my case – I filed for social security benefits. This allowed my wife to file for and collect social security benefits based on MY earnings rather than hers.

Why did she do that?
Because she had not worked outside the home earning nearly as much as me, claiming on MY earnings instead of hers got her one-half of my monthly benefit, much more than she would otherwise have received based on her own smaller earnings.
Now that my wife’s social security payments have started, I can choose to “suspend” my benefits while I’m still working (and otherwise paying too much income tax on those benefits) so my deferred benefit will grow 8% each year until I have to start receiving social security payments at age 70.
Does this make sense? Way too many of us are missing out.
Check out this article that appeared yesterday on CNN Money.

Then for some more fun, take this little Mass Mutual little quiz about social security.


  1. Jay Story says:

    I think you need to either delete or modify as it is still an option for claiming 1/2 of the higher earning spouses benefit, but the “File and Suspend” option is no longer available.

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